Essential Etiquette in Using Calgary Limo Service

Essential Etiquette in Using Calgary Limo Service


A limousine service can make any business or pleasure event extra special. Popular symbols of luxury, limousines are the choice of transport of many people, notably for those who want to experience lavishness on special days or occasions. Arrive in style in a limo and you can expect to be the center of attention in any party


or business event. Hire a limo service to drive important clients around, and you will surely leave a great impression on them, thus strengthening your business relationship.

Limousine hire is just like any other transport service and certain etiquettes must be followed so you can enjoy your luxurious ride without hassle. If it is your first time hiring a Calgary Limo service, here are some basic things you should remember:

  • The first thing you should remember when hiring a limousine is to be respectful of both your chauffeur and the limousine you are riding. Limousines and any other rented vehicles should always be handled with care. Professional limo services will always treat you with the utmost respect as their clients and guests.  
  • No surprises. If your party size goes beyond recommendations, inform the limousine service as soon as you can. Your safety and comfort are always a priority for limo services. However, you also need to cooperate to ensure that they can adhere to provide services smoothly. Limousines and other types of vehicles have fixed seating capacities and considering which ensures you of a safe and comfortable ride.
  • Remain seated inside the vehicle at all times to avoid accidents.
  • Tipping is widely accepted and you will not offend if you want to offer a gratuity tip for a ride that exceeded your expectations. You can give at least 10 to 15% of the ride rental amount to your chauffeur at the end of the service for a job well done (in an envelope).

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