Top Reasons Why Calgary Limo Services Vary in Price

Top Reasons Why Calgary Limo Services Vary
in Price


The average cost of limousine services in Calgary vary in price based on a number of factors. The exact cost of the trip you want to book will typically depend the time of the year, the type of limo vehicle you want to use,

the day of the week, and of course, the distance you want to travel. As a rule, larger vehicles are more expensive.  It can also be pricier to hire limo on a weekend than on a weekday.

The season or time of the year also affects Calgary limo prices. Most companies increase their rates during months when there is a higher demand for limousines, such as in June when there tends to be a lot of weddings. During peak seasons, limousines are hard to book. If you do manage to find a vehicle and a driver, expect it to be pricier than usual. On the flipside, it’s possible to score some good Calgary limo prices during off-peak months.

Longer travel times are of course more expensive. When you online book Calgary limo service, you may be asked to indicate your point of origin and your destination. The farther they are from each other, the more you will likely pay.

The make and model of the limousine is also a huge factor. A brand new stretch SUV limousine will likely cost more than an older sedan. The vehicle you choose is a huge determinant of the total cost. If you are on a budget, try hiring a smaller luxury sedan and arrive in understated elegance.

Different Calgary limo companies also have different prices, of course. Some of them cater to middle markets and offer cheaper limousine services. Some cater exclusively to corporate clients and can give discounts for bulk bookings. The so-called ‘extras’ also affect the prices of Calgary limo services. Do you want a bottle of bubbly, wine, and fantastic music in the car? Expect to pay a bit more.

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