Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Service are?

Platinum Rides Provides limo services in greater Toronto areas. For Toronto, out of Town services are also available. Please contact us for further details in this regard.

What is your business hours?

Platinum Rides offers limo services 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 356 days a year.

What vehicles Platinum Rides offer for hire?

Our New and modern fleet of vehicles includes sedans, hybrids, SUV's, stretch limousines and stretch SUV's. For further details, please refer to our fleet page.

For meet and greet services, what will happen if my flight will be delayed?

Our trained and experienced chauffeurs will monitor your flight adjust their schedule accordingly. If you can inform us then it would be great else we are monitoring flight changes. 

Does chauffeurs help customers with luggage

Yes, our chauffeurs are always happy to assist you with loading and unloading your luggage and other items.

Does Platinum Rides provides meet-and-greet services to travelers?

Yes, we offer several different services from meet-and-greet for individuals as well as for large groups. For more details, please call us at +1 (888) 921-1116

For meet and greet services, where do I meet chauffeurs at Airport?

Our chauffeur will meet you at your arriving gate, holding a sign with your name on it. If for some reason you do not see our chauffeurs, please call us at +1 (647) 549-7433 and +1 (631) 517-170 for New York. Our Customer Services Representatives will be available to assist you immediately. If you do not call us, this will be available to assist you immediately. If you do not call us, this will be considered as no-show and may lead to full charge services to your account. 



What credit cards do you accept?

Platinum Rides accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and Diners Club.

How far in advance, does Platinum Rides accept a reservation?

We at Platinum Rides are there to serve you even at the last moment. However, We suggest that as soon as your plans are fairly clear, contact us for your reservation. Please inform us at least a week in advance for your air travel and at least 2 weeks in advance for other functions (weddings, proms, night outs, casino, etc). Any reservations later than these timings will be considered "rush-services" and may attract a premium over the normal price.

What are your standard cancellation policies?

You have inform us 24 hours in advance of your intended journey/use of transport services.

Is there any special event cancellation policy?

Since special events are occasions where our services are high in demand so for these events you have to inform us 1 week ahead of these events. Special events including Eid, Christmas, New Year, Prom Nights, Sporting events, etc.

Does Platinum Rides need any advance payment?

No. We just need a credit card guarantee for payment. This applies to all types of reservations.

Can I visit platinum Rides' office in person to see vehicles to make a reservation?

Yes. You are more than welcome to visit us at any time of your convenience. Just Call us before coming so that we can offer you a personalized service.

Do I receive a receipt for my charges?

Yes. Most of the time, receipts are emailed to customers once they have availed out services. However, If a print receipt is needed then it may also be provided to you. For this, you have to ask chauffeur or you have to call the office where reservation was made.

What if I only need the vehicle to pick us up and drop us off. Can you offer this type of service?

Yes. platinum Rides offer customized service. Just call us and our Customer Service Representatives will offer you service of your choice.

What amenities are your vehicles stocked with?

All vehicles are stocked with bottled water and mints. However, if you need anything, then please call us to discuss it with our customer Service Representatives.

No. The credit card guarantee is sufficient to cover any incidental/ potential damage or excessive cleaning costs that could occur during the course of a rental.

Do you allow smoking in your vehicles?

No. All vehicles are strictly NON-SMOKING. A violation may require a minimum cleaning fee of $250.00. This excludes of repairs for any damage related to smooking.

Are Pets Allowed inside vehicles of Platinum Rides?

Yes. However, we will allow only small pets which can be carried on lap or contained in a small contained. There is $20.00 charge for Pet.

Does Platinum Rides charge any fee for waiting periods?

Yes, unscheduled waiting time is charged on Sedan $60.00 and SUV $90.00 an hours.

What is minimum Time Required To Make A Reservation?

online reservations should be requested 24 hours prior to your scheduled transportation to confirm availability. Scheduling of phone request requires a minimum 2 hours notice.

How long does the chauffer wait for inbound airport passengers?

For inbound flights, chauffer wait for around 1 hour whereas for international flights, the maximum waiting time is 2 hours.

Does Platinum Rides provide child safety seats?

Yes. infant toddler and booster seats are available for $20.00 each.


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