Wondering How Much Does A Limousine Cost to Rent?

Wondering How Much Does A Limousine Cost
to Rent ?


Very first question comes to mind when you are thinking of booking a limo is How much would it cost?  What services will be included?  What kind of limousine will it be? Here you will get all the answers.

Factors which contribute towards cost of renting a limousine:

  • The size of limousine will be a big factor for renting a stretch limousine. It will depend on how many passengers are going to be there in your party. A standard limousine can accommodate up to eight people and that will cost around $125 per hour. The price varies for different brands and size of the vehicle. It starts from $100 an hour for classic models such as Lincoln town car stretch limos and $150 per hour or more for Cadillac or other Luxury Brands.
  • Minimum rental for most of the limo companies is one hour. Most companies will be having the requirement of minimum 3-hour booking during specials events like graduations, weddings and New Year Eve & other local events in their city like during Stampede in Calgary.
  • Most of the companies offer packages for different occasions. For weddings, most of the package starts from 3 hours and goes up to 10 hours. Wedding Rates are always more than usual travel. Most of the wedding package and graduations will cost you 20-40 % more than the regular price. Always check packages and deals if you are looking for service more than 3 hours.

Below is the approx cost to Rent a Limousine.

Local Taxes and Gratuity around 20 % will be extra. (Most of the time wedding will cost 20 % more & Graduation will cost you 30-40 % more than regular prices)

Prices are always slightly more on weekends & special event days. Book in advance if you need a limo on any of these special days. These days are mostly busy and pre-booked for all reputed limo companies. So you might end up being disappointed while looking for a vehicle at the very last moment.

The another factor in price to rent a limousine depends on the make, model and year of the vehicle you are renting, often a lower rental rate means an older vehicle. If you can, go see the vehicle before booking it, or check out photos online. Most limousine companies are local and most of the companies will charge travel time if they have to drive more than 30 minutes to the pick-up point or drop off point is out of their main operation city.

Additional information & Extra’s Costs:

  • charges are usually calculated in hourly increments, and overtime charges are usually charged in 30 mins increments and hourly increments vary from company to company.

Most of the companies will charge you extra for things like

  • Baby Booster seats
  • Additional stops
  • Parking & Tolls
  • Out of Town Travel
  • Most rental rates include the driver’s tip, which should be anywhere from 15-25 percent of the cost. Most of the companies will include an automatic 20 percent gratuity. So be sure to check while reserving a limousine.
  • Some companies provide Bottled water, pops, ice and cups included in the price they are charging. Wedding packages might include a bottle of champagne and glasses, decoration with ribbons and ‘Just Married’ sign.

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